Friday, December 31, 2010

happy New Years Eve from add salt!

Happy New Years Eve from add salt! I am back on the mainland and ready to get my drank on. Have decided to kick off 2011 with Nite Jewel and Kenan Bell at the Echo (1822 SUNSET BLVD.). 18+, $15 at the door. The Echoplex is hosting a party of it's own, so you have some options. Come hang out tonight!

Nite Jewel - Tonight (Prophet Cover)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

new track from Maserati, "We Got The System To Fight The System"...

Here's a new one from psych-rockers Maserati, who, thanks to generous exposure from KXLU, is becoming a staple of add salt's musical lexicon:

Maserati - We Got The System To Fight The System

"We Got The System To Fight The System" is off of their latest album, Pyramid of the Sun, available on Temporary Residence.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

come check out the Tiny Creatures show tonight in Echo Park!

add salt's gonna check out the Big Deal, Tiny Creatures show tonight at the DIY Gallery (1549 W. SUNSET BLVD). Free before 9pm, $5 after. Art installations and performances by Clouds, Embarrassing Powers, Mecca Vazie Andrews and Geneva Jacuzzi. Come out and play!

Geneva Jacuzzi - Do I Sad?

Friday, December 17, 2010

new track from Ghostface Killah, "Troublemakers"

"Troublemakers", the new track from Ghostface Killah, features Raekwon, Method Man and Redman and is available to stream on Hip Hop Dx. Sick beats. Choice flows. Mentions spiced ham.

Ghost is set to drop his new album Apollo Kids, December 21st via Def Jam.

Teen Inc. adopt name change, release new video!

So I saw Teen Inc. perform a few weeks ago and had my mind certifiably blown. A quintet of young, hypertalented Los Angeles musicians who make funk tunes akin to Prince, their song "Fountains" was add salt's #3 track of 2010.

To give you an idea of how cool these guys are, they had a chick sit stoically onstage with a glass of champagne for the entire performance. And no, she did not drink the champagne.

Now Teen Inc. have dropped the "Teen" and become simply, "Inc.". This video, called "The Usual Thang", is a one-take recording of "Special Tensions" and "Fountains" directed by longtime Ariel Pink collaborator, Nicholas Amato. I've already watched it a dozen times, now it's your turn:

Thursday, December 16, 2010

add salt's tracks of 2010


So we're at the end of another great year in music. But I must say, I didn't lose any sleep over this list. I wasn't waking up in cold sweats debating a rank change or a replacement. Everyone had a proper spot. It seems to me that the excellent tracks this year have been really excellent, and the new players very innovative....but there wasn't a great deal of either of them. I think we need an influx next year, (come on! Make my job difficult!), and we'll probably get it, when the lo-fi movement morphs into twelve other indiscernible genres, like lo-glo and fi-fi. I mean Sufjan just autotuned. Maybe Kanye will try chillwave. We have to wait and see. Until then, it's been a pleasure exposing what's new and good and now.

add salt's tracks of 2010

30. The New Pornographers - We End Up Together

29. Hot Chip - One Life Stand

28. Teengirl Fantasy - Cheaters

27. Battles - The Line

26. Crocodiles - Sleep Forever

25. The Deluge - Liquid 7th

24. Happy Birthday - Girls FM

23. Animal Collective - Mr. Fingers

22. tUnE-yArDs - Do You Wanna Live?

21. HEALTH - Die Slow (Pink Stallone Remix)

20. Harlem - Friendly Ghost

19. Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist

18. Solar Bears - Neon Colony

17. Gorillaz - Melancholy Hill

16. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Fright Night (Nevermore)

15. Evan Voytas - I Run With You, Spirit Animal

14. Surfer Blood - Swim

13. Nite Jewel - We Want Our Things

12. Joanna Newsom - Easy

11. Gauntlet Hair - Our Scenery

10. LCD Soundsystem - Dance Yrself Clean

9. Arcade Fire - We Used to Wait

8. Sleigh Bells - Rill Rill

7. Janelle Monáe - Tightrope feat. Big Boi

6. No Age - Fever Dreaming

5. Caribou - Odessa

4. Fang Island - Daisy

3. Teen Inc. - Fountains

2. Crystal Castles - Baptism

1. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round & Round

Friday, December 3, 2010

add salt's albums of 2010


Here are add salt's top albums of 2010 for your listening (and purchasing) enjoyment. Disagree with me? Like the choices? Feel personally cheated that I didn't include anything from Kanye West? Leave a comment, let's chat. If you are a party seeking the removal of one of your tracks or images, please contact me personally at

+15 Beach House
Teen Dream

MP3: Beach House - Zebra
MP3: Beach House - Norway

+14 Four Tet
There Is Love In You

MP3: Four Tet - Love Cry
MP3: Four Tet - Circling

+13 Big Boi
Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty

MP3: Big Boi - Shutterbug (feat. Cutty)
MP3: Big Boi - Tangerine (feat. T.I. & Khujo Goodie)

+12 Reading Rainbow
Prism Eyes

MP3: Reading Rainbow - Wasting Time
MP3: Reading Rainbow - Always On My Mind

+11 Sufjan Stevens
Age of Adz

MP3: Sufjan Stevens - Too Much
MP3: Sufjan Stevens - Now That I'm Older

+10 Surfer Blood
Astro Coast

MP3: Surfer Blood - Take It Easy
MP3: Surfer Blood - Twin Peaks

+9 Fang Island
Fang Island

MP3: Fang Island - Life Coach
MP3: Fang Island - Sideswiper

+8 Gorillaz
Plastic Beach

MP3: Gorillaz - Stylo (feat. Mos Def & Bobby Womack)
MP3: Gorillaz - White Flag (Feat. Kano, Bashy & The Lebanese National Orchestra For Oriental Arabic Music)


+7 Arcade Fire
The Suburbs

MP3: Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
MP3: Arcade Fire - Rococo

+6 Sleigh Bells

MP3: Sleigh Bells - Crown on the Ground
MP3:Sleigh Bells - A/B Machines


+5 No Age
Everything In Between

Everything In Between came as one of the greatest surprises of the year. No Age have intrigued audiences with their blend of punk and shoegaze, but Nouns, as a whole, failed to impress or dazzle me. After witnessing them at Sasquatch! I revisited Nouns with newfound zeal, and it's a good thing, as it readied me for Everything In Between, an album which is sonically unique, compelling enough to be absorbed in one sitting, and ambitious without being egotistical. It is considerably boosted in rank because it fucking rocks in all the right places.

MP3: No Age - Life Prowler
MP3: No Age - Valley Hump Crash

+4 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Before Today

After a decade producing lo-fi albums utilizing 8 track tapes, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti has signed to 4AD, heralding a game change which has been a much-talked of topic in the blogosphere this year. The resulting effort, Before Today, is comprised of "polished" tracks which broaden the scope of Ariel Pink's songwriting and reveal his lyrical wit (which is often too muffled to decipher). To speak of accessibility would be fair but also irrelevant. This is a genius album. It would be genius if Ariel had made it in his basement using a Little Tikes sing-along cassette recorder. It also includes the best song of the year, which cannot be found on this page, as it will be showcased on my top tracks list.

MP3: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Beverly Kills
MP3: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Butt-House Blondies


+3 LCD Soundsystem
This Is Happening

This Is Happening was always going to make the cut. James Murphy never fails to amuse and enlighten with his straightforward insights into life, love and "the scene". While perhaps not a huge progression in the band's sound, (the formula here is simply an extension of the most popular cuts on their previous albums) LCD Soundsystem craft an infectiously danceable contemporary pop masterwork, which translates as well to the stage as it does to your bedroom when you think no one is looking.

MP3: LCD Soundsystem - Pow Pow
MP3: LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change

+2 Joanna Newsom
Have One On Me

A concept which initially inspired anticipation and simultaneous apprehension, Joanna Newsom's triple-album could have gone horribly wrong. Fortunately for us, Have One on Me combines sweetness, humor and provocative sincerity into one exquisitely subtle package, demonstrating that the girl-child harpist has grown up into a woman full of rather thoughtful ideas, not a one of them poorly executed. Her affinity for weaving complex song structures and cohesive narratives has rarely been so well defined...or so beautifully composed.

MP3: Joanna Newsom - Good Intentions Paving Company
MP3: Joanna Newsom - Esme

+1 Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles II

With glittering production, punk lyricism, and jagged, menacing dance beats, Crystal Castles II (Crystal Castles' 2nd eponymous album,) weaves together screams and solemnity, tender inclinations and bloodthirsty ones, and adds a Sigur Ros sample for good measure. Progressive and damn catchy, it both conforms to and transcends the notion of a pop song structure. Plus, there's something here for every mood: brokenhearted, amped, vengeful, in love. It's the best album of the year, but more importantly, it's an album that has epitomized Crystal Castles' evolving musical maturity.

MP3: Crystal Castles - Pap Smear
MP3: Crystal Castles - Celestica
MP3: Crystal Castles - Suffocate

Honorable Mentions
Caribou | Swim
Das Racist | Sit Down, Man
Massive Attack | Heligoland
Harlem | Hippies

Albums I haven't listened to correctly/given due credit to
Deerhunter | Halcyon Digest
Kanye West | My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Tame Impala | Innerspeaker
Best Coast | Crazy For You

Do any songs seem to be conspicuously absent here? Tracks that were break-out hits or tracks that defined the albums?

Maybe you'll have to check back for my top tracks list, coming soon.


Photo via stOOpidgErL. MAJOR props.

Reading Rainbow release Prism Eyes, sign to Sub Pop...

Reading Rainbow's sophomore LP, Prism Eyes is out now on Hozac, and the cuts I've heard so far have been pretty exciting: as exciting as minimalist, lo-fi garage punk can get. If you grew up in the early 90's (as I did), RR are guaranteed to conjure up imagery long since forgotten, however ubiquitous...good climbing trees...scraped knees...the feeling of being smaller than everything around you. Seventeen years ago [christ], these guys would have undoubtedly scored a cameo on The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Now they've been signed to Sub Pop, confirming, if anyone had doubts, that nostalgia is hot this season.

Have you seen the video for "Always On My Mind" yet?

"Always On My Mind" was directed by Amanda Finn in the style of "french new wave films from the 60's".

new track from The Black Ryder, "Let It Go"...

Last night I had the opportunity to see TEEN Inc., Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, and the immortal Os Mutantes, all of whom put on fan-fucking-tastic performances. As you can imagine, my brain is still fuzzed-out in concert mode.

In the spirit of feedback and reverb, here is a sprawling shoegaze track from The Black Ryder which you must listen to very loud on excellent speakers or headphones:

The Black Ryder - Let It Go

"Let It Go" is off The Black Ryder's debut album Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride, available via EMI.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

new track from Sweaters, "Can't Stop Winning'"...

Brennen from Rock Steady Music was kind enough to send over a new track from Sweaters, "Can't Stop Winning", which appears on their newest 7", out now on White Iris. The cut was allegedly ( it really was) produced by Lewis Pesacov of Fool's Gold, and features subtle hints of Pavement and notes of Trip Shakespeare before surging into a Joe Cocker-inspired breakdown which would satisfy any palette, no matter how discriminating. Taste it below:

Sweaters - Can't Stop Winning

More on White Iris.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

new discovery: The Naked and Famous

Last week while heading to work I tuned into KCRW's The Morning Becomes Eclectic and was turned on to the workings of The Naked and Famous, a New Zealand 5-piece who make glittery anthems for both recovering and burgeoning hipsters. The track played, "Young Blood", reminded me alternately of MGMT and Arcade Fire: a combination I could get behind. It's one of those throw-a-bag-in-the-back-of-your-car-and-leave-town-to-find-your-destiny kind of songs. I listened to many of those songs while I was making the drive to my new home in L.A. a little over a month ago.

So it's Thanksgiving and this morning I found myself eating biscuits and home made peanut butter in the company of new friends, mostly New England transplants like me who found our way to the opposite coast, therefore unable to be with family for a holiday with few legitimate historical merits, but many legitimately tasty and flavorful merits. Little things. New friends. Biscuits. Peanut Butter. These are the things I'm truly thankful for. The below tracks by The Naked and Famous reminded me of what I came out here to find and have achieved: beautiful moments.

The Naked and Famous - Young Blood

The Naked and Famous - Punching In A Dream

You can buy The Naked and Famous' new LP, Passive Me, Aggressive You here, and check out their myspace too.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Com Truise remixes Neon Indian...

Chillwave: once an irrelevant misnomer, now a veritable pejorative. Are bloggers allowed to use the word anymore? If I label a musician's work a chillwave by-product, am I insulting them, or am I complimenting them by suggesting they have achieved the zenith of cool? Has anyone decided whether or not chillwave is "so 2009"? Can I be the one to do it?

Chillwave is so 2009.

How then does one go about categorizing the work of Jersey beat purveyor Com Truise? We can start with the basics: it's really, really good.

Then we can assess his workload in the past few months. He's a busy guy, dropping remixes for Twin Shadow and now Neon Indian, and releasing a second EP, Cyanide Curcuits, hot on the heels of his Pyragony/Tripyra EP, which appeared last August.

Everyone is going on about this dude chillwaving it up. I wonder, had Boards of Canada come on the scene RIGHT NOW, if the same would be said about them? In any case, this "Disorder' Remix of Neon Indian's "Sleep Paralysist" sounds more like a nod to Tron than anything else:

Or try the warbly, warped VHS version here:
Neon Indian - Sleep Paralysist (Com Truise 'Eyelid' Remix)

I really like the handling of this track, which is also one of add salt's top tracks of 2010. Look for that post in the near future.

More deets at Green Label Sound.

Monday, November 15, 2010

new single from The Dead Trees, "Back to L.A."...

I have just a quick minute in between one job guessed it: another job! But I felt it pertinent- nay - necessary, to rep the work of buddies and rock wizards The Dead Trees, whose new single "Back to L.A." made it's debut on Pitchfork today.

P to the F calls it "awfully Strokes-y", and while that might be a fairly accurate assessment, I think it's important to consider the single in light of the Dead Trees' previous "less Strokes-y" material. "Back to L.A." bears none of the grit of "Loretta", but all of it's staying power. You might call it easier to digest. You may call it less controversial. It's a move that most bands are eventually forced to make when confronting rising popularity, but lacking that pressure, the Trees assert the tasteful notion that catchiness is not to be equated with simplistic songwriting.

The Dead Trees - Back to L.A.

The Dead Trees' new 7" is out tomorrow on White Iris. On a related note, they play the Viper Room tomorrow night. add salt is totally gonna be in attendance.


Monday, November 8, 2010

new discovery: Rangers

Rangers craft swirling hypnagogic ballads heavily influenced by space rock and shoegaze. With intriguingly sensual atmospherics, Rangers records are bound to elicit phantom nostalgia, conjuring memories of 80s after school specials, B horror flicks, or that day in the park when you took too much cold medicine. Their latest album, Suburban Tours was released earlier this year via Olde English Spelling Bee, responsible for recent releases from Matrix Metals and Ducktails, so you KNOW it's a winner.

Now they've debuted a new single, "Zombies", off a forthcoming as-yet-unnamed EP. It's the most exciting (and funky) AM-radio imitator I've heard since Teen Inc.'s "Fountains". But don't just take my word for it:

Rangers - Zombies


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

new discovery: Labyrinth Ear

Labyrinth Ear hail from New Cross, England, where they specialize in deliciously ominous electronic dance music. Comparisons to Ladytron will almost certainly spring to mind, and a nod to Crystal Castles would also be fair. How about Ladytron and Crystal Castles riding on Falcor the Luck Dragon to a score composed by John Carpenter? That do anything for you?

Sound-alikes aside, Labyrinth Ear unleash some pretty unique compositions on their debut EP, Oak Ear, ones that are enchanting and simultaneously disquieting. Tracks like "White Gold" and "Lithium" use synths to set evocative futuristic dystopian scenes. "Snow White" is a cover of the title track from the eponymous Disney film, courteously translated into a contemporary dance floor number. And "Navy Light"? Have a listen. Shimmery and sun-bleached, it's probably going to be their break-out hit.

Oak Ear, is available to stream or download for free on Labyrinth Ear's website. Enjoy!

Labyrinth Ear - White Gold

Labyrinth Ear - Navy Light

Monday, November 1, 2010

[add salt] HAS RELOCATED!...+ a new track from Dâm-Funk

Now bear in mind, little bloglings: this relocation is physical rather than cyber. It means that you don't have to change your bookmarks.

My absence for the good part of October had to do with a move to Los Angeles. Now I can bring you the latest and greatest from the center of the universe. In the next two months I'm hoping to bang out a few mixes and debut my year-end "best of" lists, in addition to keeping you guys updated on what's good. For now, I'll send you off with something new from L.A.'s own Dâm-Funk, who's set to debut a split 7" with Computer Jay tomorrow on All City. Dâm's pretty adept at defining city nightlife. "3012 Luv Affair" speaks to the future of [add salt]: it's gonna be a damn sexy time.

Dâm-Funk - 3012 Luv Affair


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Avey Tare pens "Lucky 1", I question his motives...

Avey Tare, we've been tight for awhile right? I appreciate your yelps and howls. Your composition: so choice. I love when you smear paint on your face and march through a field before fire spinners wearing a headdress.

But then you go and pen a song called "Lucky 1", which means that you're one dangerous nuspeak step away from collaborating with Akon on a song called "Broz 4Everz". I've mostly liked your solo work...mostly. But "Lucky 1" seems...tired. Your electronics are neither as polished nor as memorable as Geologist's. And your vocals...sound a little bit like Panda Bear.

Now now! Don't B Hert. I haven't listened to the rest of your album, which I know you've put a lot of time in to. But I'm tempted to just hop on the Panda train at this point, if he ever actually decides to release TomBoy. Show us your real stripes, Avey. And when your new LP, Down There, drops October 26th on Paw Tracks (...cease plugging), I will give it the attention it deserves.

Avey Tare - Lucky 1

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Must-See Interactive Arcade Fire Music Video!

Today my coworker turned me on to this FUCKING AMAZING interactive music video for Arcade Fire's "We Used to Wait", designed by Chris Milk, curator of The Wilderness Downtown Project. You will need Google Chrome for full compatibility. Simply provide your first home address (I entered my old middle school for convenience), and let the story unravel. I got chills.

"We Used to Wait" is off of Arcade Fire's exquisite album The Suburbs. More info here.

Friday, October 1, 2010

new track from Simian Mobile Disco, "1000 Year Egg"

So Simian Mobile Disco have a new jam called "1000 Year Egg", which is a little bit darker and a little bit denser than their usual fare. I was immediately struck by the design of this cut as a narrative rather than an out-and-out club track: a dangerous move.

It's not that SMD haven't pulled this move in the (recent) past, and their work has always borne the potential to resonate thematically with an audience. But I'd caution the listener not to get so mired in "the story" here that you forget to move your body. I try to avoid mixing dance music with philosophy: two concepts which, if combined, carry the potential to topple societies.

As an alternative, I plotted setting this to visuals, specifically to a segment of the 1940's Disney classic Fantasia, entitled "The Rite of Spring", but which readers might recall fondly as "the dinosaur bit".

Lo and behold - it syncs up perfectly!

Simian Mobile Disco - 1000 Year Egg

"1000 Year Egg" is the B side to a recently released EP: Casu Marzu/1000 Year Egg, an effort wholly unrelated to their forthcoming full-length mix, Is Fixed, due October 12th. The hotly anticipated record will feature cuts from such notables as Hot Chip and Pantha Du Prince. More info at Defend Music.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Release date confirmed for Daft Punk's Tron Soundtrack...

Over the past two years, through moves, breakups, a broken foot and the tidy start-up of this blog, there has been one singular constant in my life: the knowledge that at some undisclosed date in the future

Daft Punk Would Create a Film Score for Tron : Legacy.

Now, an official release date has been confirmed by Disney, so on November 22nd be prepared to have your amps blown by epic futuristic orchestral electronica, with our favorite robots at the helm. Hopefully this new work will surpass the disappointing assortment of remixes and compilations we've had to remember them by in the last several years.

If you're like me, that is, anxiously ringing your hands in anticipation, you can hold yourself over with the clips Disney has provided on their official Tron website. Get on your light bikes and ride!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

White Denim releases new album, The Last Day of Summer

Here's a tasty heads-up: White Denim just sneak-released a brand new album onto the nets a couple days ago. The Last Day of Summer, (appearing true to it's name, on the day before the equinox,) is apparently something they just 'whipped up' while working on their pending third album. A letter to the fans explains that many of the new songs "have been bouncing around since the formation of the band back in 06". The jam aspects are still present, but they've incorporated some free-form jazz which gives the project an alternately contemporary and vintage feel...rather reminiscent of the end of a season. Denim has never sounded quite as close to the Dead, and I'm okay with that.

White Denim - our get
White Denim - if you're changing

Get it for free (with donations encouraged)here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

new track from VHS Head, "Twitch of the Nerve"...

Last fall VHS Head released "Rent Responsibly" and promptly fell off the planet. Producing excellent cut-and-paste electronica under a shroud of anonymity, I feared that we would never hear from him/her again, unless perchance as a new incarnation: as a boy band or the host of an infomercial. VHS Head could be that Beiber kid everyone's always going on about, and I secretly hope that he/she is.

Fortunately, the rumor-cogs on the inter-webs began churning again last month, followed by a full-length release from Head entitled Trademark Ribbons of Gold.

Here is "Twitch of the Nerve" off of that album, a track which sparkles like a Los Angeles DJ set but rents as aggressively as Aphex Twin. Choppy, atmospheric and industrial all at once, it's really, really hard not to appreciate Head's technique.

Twitch of the Nerve

Check out the details and purchase here.

Previously from VHS Head:
Rent Responsibly

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

new track from Warpaint, "Undertow"...

Here's a new one from L.A.'s Warpaint, who are gearing up to release their first full-length, The Fool, next month on Rough Trade Records. "Undertow" at first seems a far cry from their tracks on the Frusciante-produced Exquisite Corpse, with sparse guitar and a focus on harmonies. Fortunately the quartet of sirens build to a psychedelic apex that overcomes their initially imposing wistfulness.

Warpaint - Undertow

"Undertow" is available as a free download from their website, here.

Previously from Warpaint:
Warpaint - Elephants

Thursday, September 9, 2010

No Age remixes Crystal Castles' "Baptism"...

Yesterday Pitchfork debuted this impressive No Age remix of Crystal Castles' "Baptism" (the original track appeared on Crystal Castles' second self-titled album, released earlier this year). Increasingly known for their aesthetic, advocacy and proclivity towards blending punk and shoegaze, No Age surprised me with the delicate handling of an already strong track. Here, the blips and beeps are absent and replaced with a muddy drone, one which compacts all of Alice Glass' nuclear emotion and raw grit into a solid wall of impenetrable sound. Truly one of the more special remixes I've heard in a long time...have a listen...

Crystal Castles - Baptism (No Age remix)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

new track from Catcall, "Swimming Pool"...

Sydney's Catcall, real name Catherine Kelleher, has been around for some time. I remember when her first album dropped in 2008. I also remember not listening to that album because an accidental - albeit fateful - mis-click sent me spiraling through the cosmic wormhole that is the internet and straight into the open arms of Vanshe Technologic. I immediately forgot about Catcall and every other Australian artist for two years.

What interested me about Kelleher's return to the mixing board was the rumor that GLOVES was producing her track "Swimming Pool". Thoroughly jacked, I went on the hunt.

Unfortunately, the original cut seems to be elusive. What I did find was a bit more surprising: a re-edit of "Swimming Pool" by Julian Mendelsohn, the British record producer famous for producing Liza Minelli's Results in the late 80's alongside the Pet Shop Boys. His reworking is a glittery, empyrean slow jam, which allows Kelleher's vocals to shine between effervescent percussion layers and a sultry bassline. Listen below, don't accidentally click elsewhere.

Catcall - Swimming Pool (Julian Mendelsohn Extended Remix)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Animal Collective remixes Pantha Du Prince's "Welt Am Draht"...

Here's a beautiful remix Animal Collective put together for Pantha Du Prince's "Welt Am Draht" (translation: "World at the Wire"). Curried with chimes and rife with delay, the track is refreshingly indicative of both artists in equal parts. Unusual for the world of remixes.

Pantha Du Prince - Welt Am Draht (Animal Collective remix)

In other news, I just got my hands on a copy of ODDSAC. Waiting for the correct mental state to give it a try. More on that very soon.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Strange Weather Isn't It? out now on Warp!

Who's excited?


!!! - The Most Certain Sure
!!! - Even Judas Gave Jesus a Kiss
!!! - AM/FM

Buy now, here!!

new tracks from Celebration...

Celebration hail from Baltimore and make tribal/psychedelic music evocative of indigenous societies, notably Africa and the islands. Previously signed to 4AD, they've recently switched labels to Friends Records, and will be releasing Hello Paradise this winter, their first physical release since 2007.

Celebration - Hands Off My Gold

Celebration - Shelter

Additionally, they've started up this, the Electric Tarot project, where they pair their songs with arcane visual representations. New track = new card, so in effect, they build a new deck. According to their website, "Major Arcana will be studio recordings, Minor Arcana will be soundscape home recordings and Court cards will be Celebration videos. These virtual cards will be laid on full, new moon and high holidays". Clicking on the "deck" is an interactive, free-form divination exercise. Great concept!

More info on Celebration's myspace.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

recent discovery: John Surman

John Surman began his career in England in the late 60's, playing baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone and clarinet under jazz bandleaders. In 1968 he recorded his first solo album, and started playing with the concept of modal jazz, which is an unconventional branch of jazz utilizing improvisation to riff on standard chord changes.

In 1972 he recorded the album Westering Home, where he expanded his repertoire to include synthesizers, and where, when reading his biography, my interest piqued. Of course, in '72 synthesizers had had a good 30 years in which to evolve and become integrated into contemporary music. But it seemed such a pleasing, simple merger: jazz, which is ostensibly "American Music" and the synthesizer, a European instrument. Since he also used European folk as the basis for his earlier albums, there is an expansive aural dimension in his work, one which tangibly integrates past and present, time and timelessness, a sense of being neither here nor there...or both at once.

This track is from his 1979 album, Upon Refection, where he used overdubbing as his creative process:

Each one of Surman's songs serves as a novella, relying heavily on modal jazz principles for conveyance. Quite probably the reason why his atmospherics are so all-encompassing is because he has the freedom to improvise within his own framework. I think it has a rather existentialist feel, and this is probably why Mirrormask, Twin Peaks, and Terry Gilliam come to mind.

Here's one extra, a glimpse of his evolving stylings in his 1987 album, Private Reflections...

John Surman - Roundelay

John Surman has an extensive discography and put out an album as recently as last year. He also writes for film scores. Visit his website for more.

Monday, August 23, 2010

new track from Truman Peyote, "Turn Into Feathers"...

The new single from Truman Peyote feels like this:

Truman Peyote - Turn Into Feathers feat. Emily Reo

Compared to Truman Peyote's previous releases, "Turn Into Feathers" seems downright pop-timistic. This might have something to do with Emily Reo, whose sleepy shoegaze appears to have mellowed out the frantic, at times ominous musings of the boys from Jamaica Plain. I noticed, while perusing her myspace, that she's also recorded a track with the mysterious Philip Seymour Hoffman. Looking forward to hearing more of her work in the near, you can try this out.

previously from Truman Peyote:

Truman Peyote - New Wife, New Life
Truman Peyote - Sidewalk Sludging (Airbud)

More information on this release is available on Post Records.