Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dom releases Sun Bronzed Greek Gods...

Another summer, another summer album trying to capitalize off the sun-drenched feel of M83's Saturdays = Youth. While there's less 80's-era-Tears-For-Fears-y electronica present here, on Dom's Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, the influence of shoegaze is immediately apparent. "Living in America" utilizes French house to mimic MGMT with an anthemic, albeit unenlightened chorus. "Bochicha" rings of Chug and similar early 90's shoegaze purveyors. "Rude as Jude" and "I Wonder" evoke GIRLS, already dosed with reverb. The sound? Very New England. This album could speak to Passion Pit fans who are willing to trade crisp production and Newbury Street for nostalgia and Boston Harbor. For an album that runs just under 20 minutes, SBGG has a surprisingly wonderful depth to it.

And Dom? He's just a whole other story altogether.

Dom - Living in America
Dom - Rude as Jude

Sun Bronzed Greek Gods is available on Burning Mill Records.

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