Wednesday, July 28, 2010

recent discovery: The Black Stilts

The Black Stilts have been invading my aural brainspace for the past week. Comprised of Chelsea Dixon, Duncan Calver, Andrew Wisler, and Clint Havard, the Portland four-piece play a blend of trip-hop, electro and shoegaze, weaving together mesmerizing synth-oriented pieces.

According to their myspace page, their influences run the gamut, from enigmatic songstresses Kate Bush and Bjork to beat purveyor Ulrich Schnauss. Tracks like "Silver Tongue" and "The Beast" showcase their knack for expressing intrigue and sensuality with original, emotive composition. They also give nods to David Lynch and Gregg Araki, and the feeling of dreaming while awake is a tangible sensation in many of their songs. I'm looking forward to a full-length from these guys.

The Black Stilts - Silver Tongue

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

new track from Unouomedude, "Birthday Party"...

Try out "Birthday Party", a new classic from Unouomedude (you know you owe me dude)...

<a href="">Birthday Party by unouomedude</a>

"Birthday Party" is the hook-laden exception to the rule on Marsh, Unouomedude's first EP, which cultivates a predominantly chillwave aesthetic. He hails from Jacksonville and his work keeps sonic company with similar east-coast glo-fiers Millionyoung and Toro y Moi. A bit of Animal Collective's pop influence drips in there too, but just enough to give the pieces heart, and this move comes off as neither trite nor derivative.

You can find links to his tracks on any conceivable social networking medium, but check out Unouomedude's website to download the EP for free!

Also, "Birthday Party" is dedicated to one Josh Karp, because it is his birthday today!

Monday, July 26, 2010

new track from Chk Chk Chk, "The Most Certain Sure"...

"The Most Certain Sure" is the second single from !!!'s upcoming album, Strange Weather, Isn't It? Listen to it below, or you can find it in the dictionary under the heading "uncompromising".

!!! - The Most Certain Sure

Strange Weather, Isn't It? is due August 24th on Warp. Check out their myspace, and backtrack here to listen to their first single, "AM/FM".

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

excellent documentary from BBC 4, "Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany"...

This afternoon I had the great pleasure of watching BBC 4's engaging documentary, Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany, which chronicles the rise of German experimental music composition during the post-war years. Krautrock is an excellent introduction to the craftsmanship, ideology and major players in the movement, from pioneering artists such as the orchestrally-oriented Popol Vuh and avant-garde Amon Düül II, to the now internationally-recognized Can, Neu! and Kraftwerk.

And p.s., you will need this last link to get over the hump of Warner Music Group's copyright laws...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Crewdson releases "Mime"...

Crewdson hails from London and specializes in glitchy electronic pieces worthy of Slowfoot Records: a place where it's okay to have monikers such as "Crackle" and "Snorkle". Apparently he's friends with Herbert, asserting the age-old truth that enigmatic electronic producers tend to participate in games of one-up-manship that result in tracks like this. I tip my hat, sir.

Crewdson - Mime


Sunday, July 18, 2010

new track from Pink Stallone, "Heavenly"...

I missed the jump on this track by about a month...curiously, as my thoughts never stray far from Pink Stallone.

But right now it's 80 degrees. Sunny, blue sky, light breeze. It's a good time to be alive.

"Heavenly" appeared on the perfect day to compliment that sentiment.

Pink Stallone - Heavenly

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Solar Bears release "Neon Colony"...

Solar Bears. What can I say? They are like the fulfilling dream that comes with sleeping more than three hours a night, which I haven't had the opportunity to do lately. Maybe that's why it took me til yesterday to find them: I needed an appropriate headspace to contemplate their sound; one so cohesive, yet seemingly lacking in predecessors.

The only influences I could think of were Bibio, (maybe) Boards of Canada, the visual (not the aural) aspects of Daft Punk's Interstella 5555 (so I guess Leiji Matsumoto's artwork??) and how it feels to be 14 and falling in love. So if these two Irish guys went into the project with the intention of tapping into my personal retrospective on being a 14-year-old American girl, they are doing something really, really right.

Solar Bears recently released their Inner Sunshine EP on Planet Mu, a preview before their full-length She Was Colored In, which is to be released September 20th. "Neon Colony" is not on the EP, but somehow GorillavsBear got their hands on it, so it's a win for the people!

Fall in love like I did...

Solar Bears - Neon Colony

And here's something extra, the Letherette remix of Solar Bears' "Crystalline":

+photo courtesy of Marcus Cassidy+

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

video for Maximum Balloon's "Tiger"

One of the best things about a TV on the Radio concert is that you can watch Dave Sitek in all of his nerdy glory: staring at pedals, zoning into the rapturous hum of his guitar. He fucking rocks, but if you saw him walking down the street, he'd probably exude all the bravado of your average joe.

This is why I was a bit skeptical when I saw him dressed up as Bono in the video for "Tiger", the first of what I hope will be many tracks from his new solo project, Maximum Balloon.

Basically, people in this video are being chased by a chinese style dragon with a tiger face. I'm with you so far. And there's Dave Sitek, looking a little too conspicuously cool for his own good. Aku is there too, all nu-rave with his nu-rave sweatshirt. Pass. Lot's of lens flare happening. Pass.

What changed my mind about the WHOLE PROJECT was the bridge, and I quote for you:

"Meow. Meow meow meow meow meow meow."

Maximum Balloon will be out August 24 on Interscope.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bear on Bear...the genius of "Candy Boy"

I don't know why I haven't repped this track before.

This is the greatest piece of music you will ever hear.

Bear on Bear - Candy Boy

There you are. Bear on blog.

Courtesy of the fine gentlemen at Recreational Records.

new track from Crocodiles, "Sleep Forever"...

Here's something new from Crocodiles...

Crocodiles - Sleep Forever

I congratulate Crocodiles for gracing us with another brilliant summer track. Remember last year's "I Wanna Kill"? Off their debut album Summer of Hate? I knew then that I wanted more contempo-shoegaze insta-classics. Especially ones with such cheery titles. Successful delivery!

Crocodiles' new album is set to drop September 14th on Fat Possum. Download "Sleep Forever" for free here!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I wander in to the Forest Family Records site...

I was never that great at math, but I should start writing music composition formulas and selling them for exorbitant fees to struggling artists.

Dent May - That Feeling

Dear Dent May: Begin with Brian Wilson, add notes of The Flaming Lips circa Clouds Taste Metallic, and write lyrics intended for the karaoke set. Oh, and if you want to use an audio track of children somewhere in your piece too, go for it. It worked well for MGMT. And tUnE-yArDs. And Bibio.

Now is the time I ask myself, how did I end up on the Forest Family Records site in the first place?

Ahh yes. I was looking for this:

Gauntlet Hair - Our Scenery

Gauntlet Hair hasn't disappointed me yet. Which is easy because they've only put out a 2-song EP, which you can find on Forest Family. It's "Our Scenery" plus the FANTASTIC "I Was Thinking".

Dear Gauntlet Hair: Begin with summer. Add reverb.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

CFCF remixes Korallreven's "The Truest Faith"...

Today's jam: CFCF's take on Korallreven's "The Truest Faith". The former spends most of his time sharpening the edges on the original in order to make it danceworthy, which is great, because though the whole Balearic-dreamwave-chillcore sound has it moments, I prefer something with a pulse. CFCF's remix is one of several to appear on Korallreven's new EP from Acephale, which you can't get anymore. Wah wah.

Korallreven - The Truest Faith (CFCF Remix)


Nite Jewel releases album info, "Am I Real?"...

Five days ago on her website, Nite Jewel wrote a heartfelt letter to fans concerning the success of her 2008 album, Good Evening, and her subsequent accomplishments, travels, and ever-evolving production techniques. She also unveiled a new track which demonstrates her vocal strength as well as her penchant for philosophical musings.

Here is that track:

"Am I Real?" will appear on Nite Jewel's forthcoming album - tracklist and tour dates are listed on Nite Jewelry - but until then you can grab it here for a couple bucks.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

new remix from Baron von Luxxury, HEALTH's "Eat Flesh"...

The inimitable Baron von Luxxury has gifted us with yet another track, a solid remix of HEALTH's "Eat Flesh". Listen and weep.

HEALTH - Eat Flesh (Baron von Luxxury Extended Remix)

...Courtesy of the most excellent Discoworkout, where Baron von Luxxury is a contributor.

HEALTH - Eat Flesh