Sunday, October 10, 2010

Avey Tare pens "Lucky 1", I question his motives...

Avey Tare, we've been tight for awhile right? I appreciate your yelps and howls. Your composition: so choice. I love when you smear paint on your face and march through a field before fire spinners wearing a headdress.

But then you go and pen a song called "Lucky 1", which means that you're one dangerous nuspeak step away from collaborating with Akon on a song called "Broz 4Everz". I've mostly liked your solo work...mostly. But "Lucky 1" seems...tired. Your electronics are neither as polished nor as memorable as Geologist's. And your vocals...sound a little bit like Panda Bear.

Now now! Don't B Hert. I haven't listened to the rest of your album, which I know you've put a lot of time in to. But I'm tempted to just hop on the Panda train at this point, if he ever actually decides to release TomBoy. Show us your real stripes, Avey. And when your new LP, Down There, drops October 26th on Paw Tracks (...cease plugging), I will give it the attention it deserves.

Avey Tare - Lucky 1

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Must-See Interactive Arcade Fire Music Video!

Today my coworker turned me on to this FUCKING AMAZING interactive music video for Arcade Fire's "We Used to Wait", designed by Chris Milk, curator of The Wilderness Downtown Project. You will need Google Chrome for full compatibility. Simply provide your first home address (I entered my old middle school for convenience), and let the story unravel. I got chills.

"We Used to Wait" is off of Arcade Fire's exquisite album The Suburbs. More info here.

Friday, October 1, 2010

new track from Simian Mobile Disco, "1000 Year Egg"

So Simian Mobile Disco have a new jam called "1000 Year Egg", which is a little bit darker and a little bit denser than their usual fare. I was immediately struck by the design of this cut as a narrative rather than an out-and-out club track: a dangerous move.

It's not that SMD haven't pulled this move in the (recent) past, and their work has always borne the potential to resonate thematically with an audience. But I'd caution the listener not to get so mired in "the story" here that you forget to move your body. I try to avoid mixing dance music with philosophy: two concepts which, if combined, carry the potential to topple societies.

As an alternative, I plotted setting this to visuals, specifically to a segment of the 1940's Disney classic Fantasia, entitled "The Rite of Spring", but which readers might recall fondly as "the dinosaur bit".

Lo and behold - it syncs up perfectly!

Simian Mobile Disco - 1000 Year Egg

"1000 Year Egg" is the B side to a recently released EP: Casu Marzu/1000 Year Egg, an effort wholly unrelated to their forthcoming full-length mix, Is Fixed, due October 12th. The hotly anticipated record will feature cuts from such notables as Hot Chip and Pantha Du Prince. More info at Defend Music.