Sunday, January 16, 2011

new remix from Nite Jewel, "Frozen Moments"...

Check out Nite Jewel's remix of Silk Flowers' "Frozen Moments" below:

Silk Flowers - Frozen Moments (Nite Jewel Remix)

Spooky funk.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

new remix from Dark Sky, Kelis' "Brave"...

You've probably noticed an astounding lack of dub material on add salt. I'm not big on dub-step. Confusing, irregular time signatures maybe? Overtly sexual ambiance? These don't qualify as stepping stones for me, being favorite attributes of music in other genres. Truthfully, I can't say why I haven't connected to the style.

I've enjoyed a few of the classics, Burial, et al. But I have been seriously digging Dark Star lately, a trio of London-based producers who released their debut EP, Frames, last year on pictures.

This "Crystalised" remix was arguably the most popular track from that EP, and I can see why (the end is crazy delicious)!

The xx - Crystalised (Dark Star Remix)

But this remix of Kelis' "Brave" was the cut that caught my ear right off the bat (a sentence which sounds hilarious without context). The track was released this week and is available to purchase here. Check it out below:

Kelis - Brave (Dark Sky Remix)

Here's to giving new things a try in 2011! *clink*

Sunday, January 9, 2011

new track from Craft Spells, "After the Moment"...

"Finally. Something worth blogging about."

Literally words that came out of my mouth after a 2 hour man/witch/band hunt for something - anything!- blog-able in 2011. Yeah, I realize it's only a week into the new year, but I find myself wading through a lot of mediocrity in order to reach the shore of decent sounding music.

Thankfully Craft Spells has showed up, a fmly affiliate who will be unveiling his debut LP, Idle Labor in March, following the single release of After the Moment on January 18th. The title track is a cheerful cut, essentially a dance number tempered by guitars and chillwave-y vocals. I would listen to this song on a boat. In fact, it would probably sound best on a boat. And that boat will take you to the shore of decent sounding music.

Craft Spells - After the Moment

Saturday, January 8, 2011

new discovery: Total Slacker

I'm a bit late jumping on the Total Slacker bandwagon, but then, that almost legitimizes me as a testament to their name. Hailing from Brooklyn, the lo-fi trio craft stripped-down indie rock ballads, smart in their simplicity. As the legend goes, guitarist Tucker Rountree and bassist Emily Oppenheimer formed the band after meeting in a laundromat. Their first 7", Crystal Necklace was released last year and is available on Impose Records. Full-length soon? Maybe if they get around to it.

Also this:

Total Slacker - Psychic Mesa

Friday, January 7, 2011

NPR breaks the news everyone already knew about

NPR's music blog, The Record tells us some information we already know in the aptly-titled "2010 Was a Very Bad Year For Trying to Sell Music".

Regardless of what you think of the mainstream acts in the article, it's an interesting read with major implications for the music industry. Thoughts?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

M.I.A. releases new mixtape, Vicki Leekx

On New Years Eve, M.I.A. released a free 19-track mix on her website entitled Vicki Leekx. Intended as a pun and commentary on the controversial Wikileaks website, the download is available for the price of your e-mail.

Certainly this is not the first time a musician has offered their work for free, although her position as a Grammy-nominated major-label artist (see : Radiohead) calls into question the legitimacy of the industry and copyright law in ways lesser-known indie artists fail to. It is clear that the "Vicki" moniker will serve as M.I.A.'s new persona as well as mix title, and her objectives are clearly defined:

"I'm not saying it should be free / I'm saying it should be freer / I'm not saying it should be freer / I'm saying music should be free."

What better way to start off the new year than with some good ol' fashioned forward-thinking? Oh yeah, she also enlisted Diplo, Blaqstarr, Danjahandz and a bunch of other sick producers to oversee the effort.

Exchange your e-mail for the mix on her website. And then give it to your friends.

Tracklisting below:

.16 - The World
1.39 - Bamboo Go
2.37 - Illy Girl
3.23 - Super Tight
4.50 - Let me Hump You
8.57 - Steppin/Up
9.58 - Go At It
11.30 - Vicki Intermission
11.50 - Gen N-E-Y
14.55 - Bad Girls
17.08 - Dutch Dutch
17.27 - Marsha/Britney
19.43 - Tamil Beat Munchi
21.00 - Listen Up
23.48 - Mudersounds Munchi
26.18 - Overdrive
29.30 - My Love (feat. Rosaly)
32.38 M.I.A. - Get Around