Monday, June 27, 2011

new-ish track from Here We Go Magic, "Tulip"

Here's a delightful track that slipped through the cracks at add salt: Here We Go Magic's entrance into stadium rock territory by way of acts like Lush and My Bloody Valentine. "Tulip", Luke Temple intones, "You can only see yourself in others". I have no idea what it means, but I really like Jen Turner's bass lines. Listen with your headphones on.

Here We Go Magic - Tulip

"Tulip" is available on Here We Go Magic's January EP, out now on Secretly Canadian.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Organisation footage from 1970

Every so often I get on a Krautrock kick, which dominates my media scavenges for about two weeks at a time. During these occasions I peruse old German public television specials (mostly to see if I can understand the language, which I'm currently studying) and watch documentaries and concert clips. Last night I was lucky enough to find a couple of great albums, including one by Harmonia (Cluster and Brian Eno's collaboration - everyone should have a copy). I also came across some footage of Organisation, which seems to begin in the middle of one of their jam segments of "Ruckzuck" (roughly translated, "In a Flash"). I thought I'd post it here as

a. it seems to give a pretty good representation of where Krautrock had got to in 1970, and proves an interesting parallel to the acid-drenched rock of the States, but mostly because

b. look at Florian Schneider. He's the dude on the right playing the flute. If he seems familiar, you probably recognize him from Kraftwerk, a band he would form with Ralf Hutter the same year this video was shot. Now, can you see his shirt?

Why is he wearing a shirt with his face on it?! Is this the first example of an ironic t-shirt? I'd like everyone's thoughts on this please, mostly because I know more about music than shirts. Did someone do this before 1970? Maybe Warhol and I just missed it?

Whatever, at least it's not a picture of him smiling. Guy looks terrifying when he smiles, like he's gonna unhinge his jaw and swallow you whole.

Since you guys were so good to get through that last clip, here's a recording of Kraftwerk doing the same song, which is a little bit more digestible. Plus there's no screaming guy wearing a fez.

Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Rapture release new track, How Deep Is Your Love?

What the hell is this nonsense?

The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love?

I know that 2006 is over. It's been explained to me. But talk about a final nail in the coffin. Apparently this is what The Rapture has spent the past five years preparing to make: house music? I didn't even need to hear it to know it was a house track. You can't title a song "How Deep is Your Love?" and expect anything else. And even if I was getting ahead of myself with that assumption, in comes the classic piano riff, the disco beats and, oh, here's a ridiculously abrupt saxophone too, so no one has any doubts.

Don't worry - I'm bemused, not distressed. I love saxophones! And pianos. And of course, reverently, disco beats. The Rapture just took me off guard with this 180. I started having flashbacks about the year Pieces of the People We Love was born into, a time of asymmetrical haircuts and maritime chic. A year where you could have a dance party soundtrack comprised entirely of bands like Moving Units - and that was not only socially acceptable, it was hip. But perhaps those days are not gone forever. Perhaps we have just evolved.

Hey, The Rapture, what's gonna be the name of your new album? Oh, In The Grace Of Your Love?

Fucking hippies.

In The Grace of Your Love is due September 6th on DFA.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

new album from Com Truise, Galactic Melt

Following two independently released EPs, Com Truise has produced a very fine full-length, Galactic Melt, which is out now on Ghostly Intl. add salt has been on to Com Truise from his humble beginnings, stalking him through an internet world which resembles tiny buildings, flying between digital streams of color, rollerblades on. Yes, exactly like the plot from Hackers. Please support Com Truise. I would really like to spend as much time as possible on his analog adventure.

Com Truise - Cathode Girls

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

new album from YACHT, Shangri-La

Almost everything about YACHT has the potential to annoy, from their self-aggrandizing lyrics to their preposterous acronym of a band name (Young Americans Challenging High Technology) to singer Claire Evans' mock Annie Lennox hair cut, and the list goes on. These offending obstacles were present when they released their first album, which I initially didn't like, and then felt compelled to play again, and then again and again and so on. And despite my developed appreciation for their music, I found myself in the same boat as I played through their latest work, Shangri-La. Something about two seemingly privileged art school kids bitching about the state of world affairs and the human potential and love and all of that fuckery...they remind me

Well, I encourage you not to discount Shangri-La after only one listen. You will probably be irked at first with such songs as "Holy Roller" or "Paradise Engineering", because they really do more to antagonize the listener than "bring them into the fold", which seems precisely at odds with the songs' intentions.

But the laptop will beckon you back, I guarantee it. You will become compelled to dance or chant their choruses, and "Shangri-La" and "Dystopia (the Earth Is On Fire)" will likely make it on to more than a few top tracks listings by the end of the year. My favorite songs are the ones that advocate psychotropics or entheogens ("One Step", "Tripped and Fell in Love"), and there are several "a-ha!" moments which are genuinely observant and funny.

Who knows how long the below links will last. I feel like YACHT is a band that I'll get a copyright notice for, so enjoy them while you can, and if you don't catch them here, Shangri-La is out now on DFA.

YACHT - I Walked Alone
YACHT - Tripped And Fell in Love

Pssst, they'll also be performing at this year's FYF Fest!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

new track from Washed Out, "Amor Fati"...

Washed Out fans, rejoice. Yet another track from Ernest Greene's highly anticipated debut LP, Within And Without, has appeared on the nets, available below via Sub Pop for your downloading pleasure. If you're wondering about the improved recording quality, I'd wager that the Sub Pop signing is partially responsible, and the rest has to do with co-producer Ben Allen. (He's the dude who produced Merriweather Post Pavilion. I know, right!) Listen, now.

Washed Out - Amor Fati

Within and Without is due July 12th on Sub Pop.

Monday, June 20, 2011

John Maus' new album streaming on NPR

John Maus' new album, We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves, won't be out for another week, but you can stream it in it's entirety right now on NPR's First Listen. His latest of several love letters to eighties atmospherics and instrumentation, We Must Become elicits nostalgia, vicariously experienced. Forgotten childhood, anticipated future, lost and found love can be seen within, as well as musings such as "pussy is not a matter of fact", which is certainly a truism. Winners include "Quantum Leap" and "Head for the Country".

Maus tends to remain stylistically (and philosophically) consistent, barely deviating from the formula established on Love Is Real. And that's totally okay with me. Synths, church organs, reverb. I consider that a recipe...Yes, definitely a recipe...and for something delicious! If you're not finishing it I'll take your portion.

I found the below track particularly captivating. It's Maus' first duet, featuring Swedish vocalist Molly Nilsson, who penned the song.

John Maus - Hey Moon (feat. Molly Nilsson)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Inc. release new track, "Swear"

We're back!

No time to lose! Let's get the summer kicked off with Inc. (formerly Teen Inc.), the moniker of Los Angeles brothers Daniel and Andrew Aged, who create soulful funk gems with an 80's RnB edge. I had the pleasure of seeing these boys last November with Ariel Pink, and they are probably the coolest people alive right now. June 9th saw the release of "Swear", a bit of coyly-delivered pop which will satisfy in the bedroom as well as on the dance floor.

No new tour dates have been announced yet (trust me, I've had one ear to the ground), but a 12", 3, featuring the aforementioned track will be out later this month on 4AD, and we finally-FINALLY- have word on a full length, slated to show up early next year.

Inc. - Swear

"Swear" can be found as a free download on 4AD's website.