Monday, July 25, 2011

lost cut: Steve Spacek's "Reversible Top"

Sorry in advance for having to use so many videos in my posts of late. There's so much good ish to cram in here, and sometimes I don't feel like hunting down a working link for a soundbyte, or [heaven forbid!] creating my own. That's right. I'm apologizing to you for my laziness.

I basically feel too cool to do anything at the moment. It's this track. The one I'm about to post the video for. Like some sort of shimmering lost Curtis Mayfield cut, Steve Spacek is too chillaxed to resist a listen. The worst part - he's been making music for over a decade and nobody told me about it.

"Reversible Top" is off Spacek's 2005 album Space Shift, which completely makes sense. This fits right in between Quantic's Apricot Morning and Nostalgia 77's The Garden on my sequentially-cataloged music shelf - the one in my mind, that is. No word on further releases since '05, although he has gone on to perform with Katalyst under the name Space Invadas.

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