Saturday, July 9, 2011

new discovery: SBTRKT

I decided to cut my trolling short tonight when I saw a car cruising down Vermont with it's headlights off. I assume it's driver was likewise unawares. Okay, bad joke. But seriously, don't drink and drive. However, if you're not drunk, and looking for a good song to drive to, I have one for the occasion:

SBTRKT - Pharaohs

Mmm. That's tasty bass. SBTRKT is a London producer who just released his self-titled debut album on Young Turks. I hear the dude wears a mask on stage, that whole, "revealing your identity obscures the meaning of the music" thing. Isn't that a gimmick? Doesn't that make your identity more distracting? Whatever. That masks reminds me of The Mighty Boosh anyway.

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